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We are thrilled to announce our new patient registration portal.

Virtual Care

29 Oct 2021 admin

6 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Virtual Healthcare Appointment Successful

Stay-at-home orders and social distancing requirements from COVID-19 have led many doctors and those in the healthcare profession to conduct visits with patients virtually. That means patients “meet” with a licensed physician through either video consultation or phone call. According to the latest studies, for both doctors and patients, the experience has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, the treatment patients receive via virtual care is compatible, and sometimes, more effective, than in-person care. This helps explain why virtual care for patients in Ontario is not just increasingly popular, but it’s here to stay. For those who have never tried an online doctor’s appointment in Ontario before or didn’t grow up with computers or smartphones, now is the perfect time to get a crash course on how telemedicine works. 6-Tips-and-Tricks-to-Make-Your-Virtual-Healthcare-Appointment-Successful-2 Here are six ways to help you prepare for a successful call or virtual appointment with a physician.

Find a Quiet Place for Your Virtual Visit

It’s important that you be able to hear and communicate with your doctor. The last thing you want is for your virtual doctor’s appointment to be in a loud room, or have it interrupted by someone or something. Find a quiet place for your telemedicine consultation, so you can both hear each other. You may even want to consider using “earbuds” or headphones to further reduce outside noise.

Prepare Your Device(s) Beforehand

Technology can be fickle. Test your mobile device or computer before the virtual appointment. Some apps work better than others depending on which browser (Explorer, Chrome, etc.) you use. You can ask the doctor’s office which one works best. If you’re using a computer, try to sit close to the Wi-Fi router to ensure you have the strongest internet connection. A smartphone or tablet should work well no matter where you are, though. Also, make sure any devices are fully charged, the volume is at an appropriate level, and the microphone picks up your voice.

List Your Symptoms, Medicines, and Ask Questions

The more information you have for your doctor the better. Write down any symptoms you’re experiencing. You can even take pictures ahead of time of any presenting issues, like a rash. Having a list of any medications, vitamins, and supplements will make it easy to answer any questions your doctor might have. You’ll probably have questions too. Write them down beforehand. It can be easy to get sidetracked or forget questions during the call. Writing down any questions is the best way to ensure all of your concerns are addressed.

Take Your Vital Signs

Treat a virtual appointment just like you would an in-person consultation. If possible, record your vital signs in advance. Some vital signs you can record at home include heart rate, temperature, and weight. To take your pulse, place two fingers between the bone and tendon over the radial artery, on the thumb side of your wrist. When you feel a pulse, count the number of beats over a 15 second interval. Then, simply multiply that number by four to calculate the number of beats per minute.

Have Your Latest Medical Records Nearby

Knowledge is power. It’s not uncommon for people to receive medical care from different places, including an urgent care facility, walk-in clinic, as well as your doctor’s office. If this is the case, get a copy of your latest medical records and keep them handy during the virtual appointment. If the doctor needs one of the reports, you can share it with them. Not only does this save time, but it could prevent you from having to retake any unnecessary tests.

Take Notes

It’s difficult to remember everything anyone says at the best of times let alone with a doctor during a busy appointment. Take notes throughout the telemedicine visit and write down any directions or treatment plans the doctor shares. At the end of the online doctor’s appointment, ask for a summary. Asking for a summary can help clarify all of the important details.

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