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30 Sep 2021 admin

How Does an Online Doctor’s Appointment Work?

Canadians have been using virtual care for years, but many more discovered the convenience of using an online doctor’s appointment during the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, if you had a doctor’s appointment during the pandemic, chances are it was over the phone or on a video call. And that transition is expected to continue. It’s not only convenient for patients, but doctors too, which might explain why approximately 94% of doctors currently provide virtual care; that number is expected to grow. The world may be getting back to normal, but when it comes to a doctor’s appointment, we’re not going back to where we were in March 2020. Virtual doctor’s appointments in Ontario are here to stay.

How Does a Virtual Doctor Visit Work?

A virtual, on-demand doctor’s visit is conducted in the same professional way an in-person visit is, except there’s no time wasted sitting in a crowded waiting room. Patients simply log on to, complete a simple online questionnaire, and in no time, they’re connected with a licensed practitioner. The practitioner logs into the appointment, and it proceeds like any other doctor’s visit except over the phone or through video. There’s no need to jump in a car, fight traffic, and pay for parking, all of your healthcare needs are at your fingertips. Every virtual appointment with a doctor and specialist is entirely confidential, secure, and adheres to Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Once the virtual appointment is over, the doctor can prescribe treatment plans, prescriptions, notes, and forms.

What Services Can Be Provided Via Virtual Health?

While almost anything can be conducted through a virtual visit, they’re perfect for those visits that do not rely heavily on detailed physical exams or in-person diagnostic testing. Though because of the easy access, patients receive specialty services that serve all of their healthcare needs. Some services where virtual heath is especially useful includes follow-up appointments, general consultations, prescription renewals, sexual health, mental wellness, health screening, medication management, travel health, sick notes, and forms.

MD Connected Ltd. – Canadian Healthcare Made Simple

If you’re looking to save time and flexibility, skip the waiting room and book a virtual doctors appointment with a licensed professional at MD Connected. Our doctors will provide you with an end-to-end experience through diagnosis, assessment, treatment plan, notes and forms. Between in-clinic or virtual visits, simply pick the service that’s right for you. To book a virtual clinic and connect with a doctor or nurse practitioner, click the “book a virtual visit” button on our website and request an appointment. It’s that simple. Because its virtual care, it doesn’t matter where you live in Canada, MD Connected can help. If you live in Ontario, the virtual doctor’s appointment is free of charge, covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). You can also see a doctor virtually at one of our many telemedicine walk-in clinics located across Canada. They operate similar to a traditional clinic, except you speak with a licensed physician through a secure virtual video call. If you want to see a doctor at the nearest location, click the “Find clinic nearby” link on our website. MD Connected is led by a diverse team of doctors with varying backgrounds and provides its specialty services in multiple languages. To learn more about MD Connected, contact us by visiting or e-mail us at

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imgVirtual care services are open 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 5 pm weekends.