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5 Reasons Why Telemedicine and Virtual Care Is Here to Stay

Telemedicine has been in use in Canada, in some form, for decades, but the COVID-19 pandemic moved telemedicine to the forefront as both patients and doctors turned to virtual meetings to keep their distance and help stop the spread of the coronavirus. A November 2020 poll from Ipsos found 70% of Canadians were in favour of continuing telemedicine beyond the pandemic. Telemedicine was a growing trend before the pandemic and continues to become more popular. Here are five reasons why telemedicine is here to stay.

Patients Are Demanding Virtual Care Options

Everyone likes options, especially when it comes to their healthcare. Having the option of visiting a virtual doctor in Toronto, or anywhere else in Canada, promises the same kind of quality you’d receive at an in-person visit.


With a telemedicine visit, you don’t have to wait in a crowded doctor’s office. You simply book an appointment online and answer a few pre-screening questions about your symptoms, and a telemedicine coordinator (nurse) will help you connect to a doctor virtually at one of our telemedicine walk-in clinics across Ontario. The anytime, anywhere access of telemedicine means you can connect with a doctor or health professional when it’s most convenient for you.

Reaches Populations That Don’t Have Easy Access to a Doctor

In some cases, virtual care solves problems that an in-person visit can’t. One major benefit of virtual healthcare is that it can reach previously underserved Canadians, namely, those who live in rural locations. There is also a large number of people in urban areas that find it difficult to access or even find a family doctor too. Telemedicine and virtual care is the great equalizer, reducing barriers of access to healthcare.

Increases Preventative Care

Many people only seek out a healthcare professional when they are feeling sick. In some cases, an illness could have been prevented if people visited their doctor sooner or more regularly. Telemedicine is also great for those with chronic conditions. With telemedicine, you can make quick, regular check-ups. The easier it is to make a virtual or follow-up appointment, the less likely it is you’ll skip an appointment.

Boost Patient Satisfaction and Engagement

When it comes to healthcare, Canadians want a personalized approach that is convenient and fits their lifestyle. Convenient healthcare translates into healthier, happier, more engaged patients. It’s that simple.

MD Connected – Canadian Healthcare Made Simple

If you’re interested in telemedicine or want to make a virtual appointment, contact the medical professionals at MD Connected. Convenient, fast, and friendly, the nurses at MD Connected’s walk-in clinics can help you set up a virtual call with doctors and specialists. If you can’t make it to one of our walk-in clinics, you can always connect with a doctor or nurse practitioner through our website. Simply click the “book a virtual visit” button on our website and request an appointment and connect with one of our doctors from the comfort of home. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians have used MD Connected for general consultations, prescription renewals, sexual health, mental wellness, travel health, and sick notes and forms. MD Connected is led by a diverse team of doctors with varying backgrounds and provides its specialty services in multiple languages. To learn more about MD Connected, contact us by visiting or e-mail us at

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