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Your food choices are an essential part of your health. Whether you have existing health conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure or overweight/obesity, or you would simply like to live a long and healthy life, improving your nutrition can help.

Our dietitians will provide personalized nutrition counselling to help patients with many concerns including food sensitivities and allergies, disease-specific nutrition care plans, healthy weight loss, and family nutrition.

Mdconnected - Delivering Doctors


Some health insurance plans, or health spending accounts cover dietitian services,some do not, so you may need to pay a fee for this service. Take advantage of the free 20-minute consultation first to decide if this service is right for you.

A doctor referral is not required but you can speak to one of our doctors to see if working with a dietitian could help. The doctor can refer you to a dietitian service if they feel it’s the right treatment path.

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Sustainable & healthy body weight
Control emotional eating
Incorporate plant-based eating
Increase lean muscle mass/strength
Lower blood sugars, diabetes prevention & management
Improved heart health
Improved digestive health
Hormone health
Lower cholesterol
Cardiovascular diseases
Increase energy levels
Eat well as a family
Pediatric nutrition
Meal Planning
Genetic testing for nutrition
Sports nutrition

Mdconnected - Delivering Doctors


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