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9 Feb 2022 admin

5 Things That Will Help You Start an Exercise Routine

As was conveyed in our article titled ‘7 Undeniable Benefits of Virtual Care for Patients’, there are a lot of reasons to feel good about your ability to stay healthy on your own. Beyond having reliable remote access to healthcare, however, it’s also important to be able to stay fit on your own. Below we review some of the most effective ways to start working out and keep you motivated.

1. A Workout Friend

MDC Some of us need additional motivation to get up every day and start exercise, at least at the beginning. This is when working out with someone else can be a tremendous advantage. Knowing that you have to meet someone at a certain time every day might be exactly what you need to continue your routine. The enjoyable conversations you can have every day will also keep you motivated.

2. Music Playlists

MDC A well-designed exercise routine can be rewarding in the long term. In the short term though, it can be painful and hard to enjoy. Having to test your stretching limits or recover your breath after running a lap can be discouraging, so it’s important to find a way to distract us from these drawbacks. Gyms understand this and tend to play a continuous playlist of energetic music in the background, but this might not be for everyone. Taking the time to create a Spotify playlist that you find particularly motivating can make your daily workout not just tolerable, but engaging and fun.

3. High-Tech Jumping Ropes

MDC There is plenty of gear that can help you start your exercise routine, but people tend to focus on expensive equipment, like a treadmill or a punching bag. Jumping ropes are very simple and can be used for an excellent cardio routine. But there’s always room for improvement. Digital jump ropes allow people to worry about whether their exercise routine is worth the effort to monitor their progress. The Auoxer Jump Rope, for example, comes with a counter that registers the calories burnt. On the other hand, the Sonic Boom provides faster rotation, which becomes necessary as your jumps get more energetic and require additional precision.

4. Shock Absorbing Sneakers

Sometimes finding the right pair of shoes for your workout can make all the difference. That feeling of comfort and protection a good pair of sneakers give you can go a long way when it comes to motivation. Having said that, not all shoes are designed for the same type of physical activity. For example, the Brooks Launch Running Shoes provide moderate cushioning but are strong enough for daily use. As a result, they are ideal for people looking to progressively strengthen their bodies. On the other hand, an upcoming  collaboration between Dwayne Johnson and the UFC  seems to prioritize shock-absorbing technology. As a result, the pair will allow the user to endure intense workout sessions while reducing the risk of injury.

5. Exercise Apps

As you start diving into your exercise research, you may discover that people recommend very different routines. High-Intensity Interval Training requires performing intense workouts for short periods of time, while Pilates focuses on low impact exercises. Using the right App can make it easier to monitor your exercise routine. The Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute developed its own app that offers multiple workouts of different intensities. In contrast, Lean with Lilly is excellent for those interested in Pilates, as it offers multiple ideas for exercising at home. There are multiple tools and strategies to keep you motivated when you start exercising. Something as simple as working out with a friend can be pretty effective but using gear that will prevent injuries is probably the best way to achieve your goals. Any views, opinions, and products represented in this article are personal and belong solely to the author. MD Connected is not compensated for the products mentioned in the article. Article contributed by Roanne John

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imgVirtual care services are open 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 5 pm weekends.