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We are thrilled to announce our new patient registration portal.

Virtual Care

23 Feb 2022 admin

What Is the Difference between Telemedicine and Virtual Care?

As medical technology advances, we’re increasingly faced with new terms that can often get confusing for patients. But we’re here to clear up that confusion so you can access the best healthcare possible. We’ll explain how virtual care for patients works in Ontario and how it differs from a telemedicine clinic in Ontario. An important thing to note before we dive in is that different healthcare providers may provide different definitions for these terms. That said, there are some common characteristics that all definitions share. MDC-Article_022322

Defining Telemedicine

Telemedicine is often used as a generalized term that means to deliver healthcare at a distance using technology. The vast majority of the time, that means using secure video conferencing technology to meet with patients and start treating symptoms but can also take the form of messaging or phone calls. At MD Connected, we run Ontario telemedicine clinics, which are in-person clinics where you’ll be met by a nurse who doubles as the telemedicine coordinator. From there, you’ll be registered and triaged while you’re set up with your doctor, who will consult with you over video. You’ll be able to communicate all of your symptoms and receive an examination from a trained doctor through the screen. Think of it as a traditional walk-in clinic, only your doctor is calling in via video software. If that sounds like the right type of care for you, then you can stop googling ‘telemedicine appointment near me’ and make an appointment with MD Connected instead.

Defining Virtual Care

Virtual care is a broader term that defines all the ways that people interact with healthcare providers using technology. Virtual care can often include connecting with clients following an appointment through messaging or calls. But when MD Connected talks about our services relating to virtual care in Ontario, we mean setting up a doctor’s appointment from the comfort of your home. You’ll use similar (if not the exact same) secure video conferencing to meet your doctor from anywhere you like. This ensures that it’s as convenient and easy as possible for you—not to mention saves you from having to battle traffic. You’ll only need to fill out a quick questionnaire and then you’ll be connected with an available physician from your home.

How to Choose between Virtual Care and Telemedicine

So now that you understand the difference between a telemedicine clinic in Ontario and virtual care for patients in Ontario, let’s figure out which method is best for you. For those that want to have a measure of in-person contact, then they’re better off opting for an Ontario telemedicine clinic. If they also don’t have internet access at home or have unreliable internet, they’d be better off heading to a telemedicine clinic in Ontario. If you face mobility issues or find yourself far away from most clinics, then virtual care makes the most sense. It’s also best for people who prefer not to travel or may feel more comfortable communicating with their doctor in the privacy of their home.

Experience the MD Connected Advantage

MD Connected is a leader in delivering quality virtual care as well as providing telemedicine clinics for patients who prefer a more in-person experience. When you choose MD Connected as your healthcare provider, you’ll get personalized care that will help you get the treatment you need for your symptoms. You’ll have access to telemedicine clinics across Canada that are designed to help you feel better, faster. Tens of thousands of Canadians have already benefited from MD Connected, accessing general consultations, prescription renewals, sexual health, mental wellness, travel health, and sick notes and forms. Our team is led by a diverse group of doctors with varying backgrounds, and we provide our specialty services in multiple languages. To learn more about MD Connected, contact us by visiting or e-mail us at

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