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18 Jun 2021 admin

How Can Telemedicine Benefit Me?

Until recently, the only way you could actually “see” a doctor was to call and book an appointment, drive to their medical clinic, sit in a waiting room, and either stare at the clock, or flip through old magazines. But, thanks to the Internet and telemedicine, that’s all in the past. Whether you’re new to the idea of a virtual doctor’s appointment, want to practice social distancing, or are unable to visit a healthcare facility on your own, telemedicine is a game changer that offers Canadians many advantages. Telemedicine  

Offers Comfort and Convenience

When you book a virtual telemedicine appointment in Ottawa or your local municipality, you don’t have to waste valuable time driving to the doctors office, parking, walking to the clinic, and sitting in the waiting room while you’re feeling sick. With telemedicine you can book an appointment online and see your doctor from your own home, or wherever you happen to be via video on your computer or smartphone.

Eliminates Child or Elder Care Issues

Another great benefit of telemedicine is that it fits into your schedule. Not everyone has the time to just drop what they’re doing and run off to the doctor’s office. On top of that, many people are responsible for taking care of children or other family members. Finding alternative care just so you can see a doctor can be a logistical nightmare and expensive. Bringing them along can also be stressful or impractical. Telemedicine solves these problems by allowing you to see your doctor at your own convenience.

Provides Access to Specialists

Waiting is the name of the game when it comes to seeing a specialist in Canada. In general, patients think three months is the maximum acceptable wait time for a specialist appointment. In reality, the median waiting time to see a specialist between referral from a general practitioner, is more than five months. Telemedicine gives you quicker access to a broad range of specialists who do not practice where you live. When it comes to getting the best medical attention for your health issues, it’s important to consult with the best, not the one that’s nearest to you.

Improves Quality of Care

On the one hand, we visit our doctor to help us get better. On the other, that means sitting in an office being surrounded by lots of sick people. When you conduct an online doctor’s appointment from your home, you get the care you need and avoid the risk of exposure and the chance of passing your illness onto someone else. According to one study, those who used telemedicine experienced fewer hospital admissions, fewer re-admissions, spent less time in the hospital, and were more actively engaged in their own healthcare and recouperation.

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