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Handy Tips to Prepare Your Child for COVID-19 Testing

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we live, from being quarantined and working at home, to social distancing. For many Canadians, the Coronavirus pandemic also meant having to take a COVID-19 test. It might only take a few seconds, but no one really enjoys the experience of actually having a nasal or oral swab taken. The COVID-19 test doesn’t hurt, but it is uncomfortable, and every child’s experience is going to be different. So, it’s important that parents prepare their child for what to expect. Below are five top tips to prepare your child for an easy, stress free COVID-19 test.

Have a Child-Friendly Conversation

Wisdom is power. Even for children. The more they know the less there is to fear. Have a conversation with your child about the COVID-19 test ahead of time. How much you want to share is going to depend on the child. Again, everyone is going to experience covid testing differently. But it’s important to explain it to them in a child-friendly, factual way. This could mean describing what is going to happen and what they might feel during the test.

Be Prepared, Create a Coping Plan

Having coping strategies in place that you can use leading up to, during, and after your child’s COVID-19 test can make it easier for both the child and parents. It doesn’t matter what your child’s age is, being part of the coping plan can increase their confidence.

Distractions Are Good

Having distractions at the ready can be helpful if you’re standing in line, waiting for a child’s covid test in Toronto. Creative, fun, and interactive distractions can make the situation easier to handle, for both you and your child.
  • Play a game on your phone
  • Tell a story
  • Play I-Spy
  • Talk to them about something entirely unrelated, like what’s going on in school or their friends

Use Comfort Positions

Comfort positions, like hugging or holding, can help your child to feel safe during the covid test. If they’re sitting on your lap during the covid test, give them a gentle hug, or put your arm around them if you’re sitting side-by-side.

Talk to Your Child about What They Did Well

Positive reinforcement never hurts. Once your child’s covid testing is over, talk about their experience. Even if they’re stressed or crying, talk to them about what they did well. Making this experience a positive one can make the experience of future medical procedures go more smoothly.

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