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Benefits of Telemedicine for Healthcare Providers

The Internet has radically transformed the way healthcare gets delivered in Canada. Now, thanks to telemedicine, doctors can connect with patients virtually and diagnose and treat them. While much has been written on how telemedicine benefits patients, doctors and nurse practitioners also benefit from the opportunities created by telemedicine. Here are just some of the possible benefits of telehealth for doctors and other healthcare providers.

Improves Patient Engagement

Monitoring patients remotely with telemedicine has been shown to improve patient engagement. In addition to providing an end-to-end experience, telemedicine is a great way to show patients how to care for themselves between clinical visits.

Expands Access to Care and Reaches More Patients

Because telemedicine is conducted online, doctors can connect with patients anywhere. This has become increasingly important for a number of reasons:
  • Offers patients flexibility and convenience of virtual appointments.
  • There are doctor shortages in some communities.
  • Provides faster access to a broad range of specialists.
  • Reduces clinician travel time.

Reduces Wait Time

Canadians, on average, wait longer to see a doctor than in other countries. On the plus side, they are generally more satisfied with their experience once they do get to see a doctor. Telemedicine is the perfect marriage; increased access to doctors reduces wait times and improves their overall experience.

Reduces Patient No-Show Rates

Telemedicine helps reduce costly no-shows. And the number of no-shows in Canada is high. Recent studies show the no-show rate in some regions of Canada can be as high as 25%. When a person fails to show up, they don’t get the care they need, and that missed appointment could have gone to someone else. Not only that, but not showing up actually leads to delays and drives up wait times for those patients who showed up on time.

Increases Healthcare Provider Job Satisfaction

Telemedicine helps increase healthcare provider job satisfaction. According to the most recent data, more than 75% of healthcare workers say telemedicine has helped them provide quality care for everything from COVID-19-related care, acute care, chronic disease management, hospital/emergency department follow-ups, preventative care, and mental/behavioural health. Telemedicine was also shown to improve the timeliness of care for patients.

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