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23 Sep 2021 admin

5 Common Misconceptions about Virtual Prescription Delivery

There are a large number of excellent reasons why Canadians should use a virtual prescription delivery service in Toronto. Unfortunately, some people have misconceptions about using the Internet to order their prescriptions. Believing these virtual prescription myths means you cannot take advantage of an innovative, safe, affordable, accessible, and convenient way to receive your prescription medication. To help put any worries you might have about virtual prescription services in Toronto, or anywhere in Ontario, to rest, we’ve busted these five popular virtual prescription delivery myths.

Medications Are Provided without a Prescription

One big myth about using a virtual prescription delivery is that they are provided without a doctor’s prescription. This simply isn’t true. The same rules apply for an online prescription delivery service as they do for a traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacy.
  • It will require a valid prescription from a physician or other healthcare provider licensed to practice in Canada
  • Is licensed by a provincial or territorial pharmacy regulatory authority
  • Has Canadian-licensed pharmacists available to answer questions

It’s Difficult to Use Virtual Care Services

Many Canadians are surprised to learn just how easy it is to start using an online pharmacy and virtual delivery service. The online form is easy to understand, fill out, and submit—in fact, it usually takes less than five minutes to complete the online form. Everything is then in the hands of the virtual pharmacy.

Can’t Talk to a Real Person

Just because you’re ordering your medication virtually doesn’t mean you can’t speak with someone. It’s imperative that you are able to speak with someone in case you want to ask questions about your medication or need advice. With an online doctor prescription service in Ontario, you get the best of both worlds; the convenience of ordering online and speaking with a doctor or healthcare provider.

It Will Take Too Long to Get My Medications

People order prescriptions because they need their medicine. Since time is of the essence many people shy away from using a virtual prescription delivery service because they think it will take too long to get their medications. Online pharmacies will remind you when it’s time to order your medication, so there’s plenty of time to get the prescription sent in electronically, dispensed safely and quickly, and received either the same day or often within 48 hours.

Prescriptions Might Get Lost in the Mail

Prescription medicine is not your typical mail. That’s why virtual prescription delivery providers use secure, trackable delivery services. Most virtual prescription delivery services provide free shipping. You can have the prescriptions sent to your home or office and set a particular delivery time too. If you have medication that needs to be kept cold, like insulin, it can be shipped in special, insulated packaging, to ensure the medication is safe.

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